Fact or Crap

First thing I am going to do is get the specifics out of the way. The boring stuff. I will try my best to make it less boring with my personal experiences, but still going to be boring.

So you may be wondering what exactly bipolar disorder is, or how it is diagnosed. According to the experts, bipolar is characterized by manic and depressive episodes that range from mild to severe. There are four types.
Bipolar 1 is defined by having at least 1 severe manic episode over your lifespan.
Bipolar 2 is defined by having hypomanic (milder) and serious depressive episodes.
Cyclothymic Disorder is defined by having multiple mild hypomanic and depressive symptoms without having any severe episodes.
“Not otherwise specified” Bipolar is anything that doesn’t fit into the other 3.

Bipolar disorder is usually associated with anxiety, attention disorders, and substance abuse. It generally affects your energy level, judgment, memory, concentration, appetite, sleep patterns, sex drive, and self-esteem.(Just like having kids!) It is also commonly misdiagnosed as borderline personality disorder. Reason being, when you’re having a manic episode you make some really bad choices. For me, the last severe manic episode I had I decided that it was a great idea to drop off my kid at my parents and get drunk with my friends at 11 in the morning. Not a great choice, and also completely outside of something I would regularly do. I also quite frequently need ambien during a manic episode because I suddenly don’t need sleep. I stay up into the wee hours of the night, usually crocheting. (Yes, I crochet). I then have 2 kids that get up at the butt crack of dawn and I get the pleasure of joining them. The other side of it is the depression. I can’t say which part is worse, but I will say that depression is very isolating and for me, usually lasts much longer. Depression is different from mania because generally when you’re manic, you don’t realize it until it’s too late. Depression you know. It sneaks up on you in the night and follows you around like a lost, sad, 300 pound hungry puppy. It takes over your life and is a constant reminder that your life is shit. (although it usually isn’t) It’s also the hardest to pull out of. Once you start to get depressed, if you let it, it will continue to take over different parts of your life. First, you’re just tired. Then, you don’t want to go on a social outing. Then you lose interest in activities you used to love. Then you don’t want to shower because why would you, you’re worthless. And pretty soon you’re a hermit. Usually, at that point, it’s gone on too long and it takes some pretty serious medication and therapy (and hopefully supportive people) to get yourself back to normal. Some people get suicidal. (If you’re ever feeling this way GET HELP. 800-273-TALK)

Ok boring stuff out of the way! Now keep watching and make sure you follow my blog to get my next posts! If you like it or have comments/questions/concerns, leave them below!!



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