Welcome To The Black Hole

Don’t worry. I’m sure you wont disappear into the abyss. That’s just the nickname for my brain. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am 26. I have been married for 8 years to a wonderful, patient saint of a man. He truly deserves recognition for putting up with my shit. When I was a teenager, I was diagnosed with anxiety, and shortly thereafter bipolar disorder. I have seen many doctors, tried many different treatments, and discovered many things about myself, and how my disorder affects me and my life. 5 years ago I had my first child. Parenting has presented me with an entirely new set of challenges and learning experiences but after 5 years and another baby I feel like I may have just grasped my hand on the ledge. I have realized that parenting can be the most rewarding, and the most stressful experience you can ever go through, and that is especially true with myself. Not only do I feel as though most of the time I don’t have control over my mind, but I also have severe panic disorder which mostly manifests in social situations. So like the adult I am, I deal with them the only way I know how–avoidance at all costs. I started this blog to not only share some amazing insight and wisdom into the mental illness arena but to also graciously share my sarcastic, awesome personality. (you’re welcome) On a more serious note, mental illness is all around us and we need to be not only more compassionate as a human race, but more aware! Mental illness is generally an invisible illness that other people can’t see, and as a result ends up ignored and downplayed. This is serious stuff guys!! The world needs more empathy, the world needs more love.


I’ll end with some graffiti on a wall that has stuck with me and I feel needs to be shared. It read, “Do no harm, but take no shit.”

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