So today, I am covered in cheese poofs and snot

And it’s not even my own. 

It has been a long day, to put it mildly. The highlights have been waking up at the butt crack of dawn with #2 after a night of little sleep, waking up #1 and my niece who stayed over to see salsa all over the bed and them from a luncheable I told them to throw away before they went to sleep, having to go to the store which was packed full of idiots trying to get thanksgiving food and apparently no one else could have anything, and then starting a war with #1 that is still going on. 

He’s never been a good eater. He’s always snacked and ate small meals here and there but since he started the adderall we’ve had to be really conscious of his weight, and his eating. He’s already lost weight and he cannot afford to lose any more. So we’ve been giving him nutritional mix and trying to get him to eat as much and as healthy as possible. Let me just point out that the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” also applies to trying to changes 5 year olds eating habits. I’ve even baited him with McDonald’s and pizza just to get him to eat and it’s still a battle. So he had a sandwich for breakfast and cheese poofs for lunch. So did his brother. For some reason when I started to make lasagna for dinner, I decided tonight was a good night to start the war of him eating. I don’t know if it’s because he’s decided that he’s too lazy to get out of bed in the middle of the night to go pee so he has just been peeing on his floor and tonight I had to individually clean a million legos that landed in a pee spot or what but I chose tonight. He asked me to refill his bowl of poofs and I said no, and that he needed to wait until dinner to eat. He lost it. Suddenly he hates lasagna and why would I make him eat things that he doesn’t like which makes him sick? (He tells himself he doesn’t like it so in turn he ends up not liking it) Once he started in with the attitude and acting like the boss in this situation I told him to go cool off in his room. (His room full of toys and electronics I might add. What an asshole I am!) He starts stomping and hitting his head on the wall, so I came in and calmly told him to chill out or I was taking his electronics. He obviously didn’t believe I would do it, so he tried to sneak in the kitchen, climb the cabinets to the top of the refrigerator to get cheese poofs himself. So, I took all of the controllers out of his room. For the next half hour or so he yelled and cried and screamed and told me I was a bad mom and he was going to starve to death and he was NOT going to eat lasagna and I better give him what he wants. I yelled For a while and then gave up and just let him cry it out. Then he was bored so he snuck in the kitchen and stole a controller while I was giving #2 another shower. Once again I took it and said I wasn’t giving it back until he was respectful and calmed down. He was quiet for a few minutes (which is huge for him) so I let him come out and he said he wanted a bath. Dinner is done and he is currently in the tub. My throat is sore from yelling, I’m exhausted both physically and mentally and the night isn’t over yet. Luckily my husband will be home any second so I can pass the torch off to him until 8 when he has to go to bed again to get up for work in the morning. Hopefully #1 gets out of the bath, eats and then goes to bed. Wishful thinking. But a girl can dream. 

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