Warning! Holiday Rant Coming! 

Ok so Christmas. The time of celebrating family and friends and whatever religion your observe. Not anymore!! Now it’s all about making sure your kid has the newest toys (and most expensive) and spending money you don’t have on stuff people don’t need. The people paying for this is our children! They don’t respect the value of a dollar or their own stuff! My kids have rooms full of toys they rarely ever play with! And most of our holidays are spent trying to find gifts and being stressed about money instead of taking our kids out to see the lights or building a snowman. Even Christmas is stressful. Trying to lug your kids out in the cold to this place and that place, skipping naps, and overstimulating their brains. 

#1 told me the other day he hoped he got what he wanted this year for once. 😑 I just about lost my shit. We usually don’t buy our kids too much for Christmas. Usually one big thing they wanted and then clothes and stuff they need. Even being minimal about it my kid is still a greedy little brat. I remember ten years ago when I starting dating my husband my life changed as far as viewing holidays. My parents are divorced so we always had multiple places to go and neither side really has much family left so there wasn’t this big gathering except for my Aunt’s house. My first Christmas with my husband, we went to his Grandpa’s house. The house was filled with family all spending time together and laughing and the whole house was just filled with love. Everyone ate together and told stories about years past and it just felt right. Present we’re doled out at the end and the presents we’re meaningful and appreciated. Everyone was just happy to be together and I feel like that’s been lost. 

So this year I vow to make a change. We’re going to get a real tree, and we’re decorating it together. I don’t care if the ornaments don’t match or all of them end up on the bottom of the tree, and we’re going to go see the lights and we’re going to get out and we’re going to read and learn about what it’s supposed to be about. Like I’ve said, it’s my job to make sure I raise my kids with the right values and morals so they can grow into happy, and productive adults. And I want them to have some kind of tradition other than overspending to pass down to their kids. 

So join me in the fight to try not to raise kids that suck. Help their future teachers not have to lose their minds yelling and screaming at a generation of kids that feel entitled and think they should rightfully get their way. Don’t get your kid the latest fad, buy them a bag of dog food and take them to the animal shelter to donate it. Get them warm blankets and take them to donate to the homeless. Start a tradition. Stop conforming to modern parenting and having to worry about your house payment for next month! 

That is all for now. Let me know how you feel or some traditions your family does in the comments! And don’t forget to follow! 

One thought on “Warning! Holiday Rant Coming! 

  1. Hahaha! ! ! I remember someone telling me to give all their stuff back to Santa because it wasn’t what they wanted, lol. But, yes, it shouldn’t be about anything but your family being together and love.


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