ADHD Interview and What Helped Us

So I asked my 5 year old some questions about ADHD today and I figured I would share his responses, along with some things that we use that have been proving effective for him.

Me: What is ADHD?
G: Pulling your hair problems (he also has trichotillomania)

Me: How does it feel to have ADHD?
G: Really hard to control yourself.

Me: What makes you feel better?
G: When I use a fidget toy. (See affiliate links)

Me: Do you like taking medicine?
G: NO ( Well, who does?)

Me: How does the medicine make you feel?
G: Kinda good.

Me: What do you wish other people knew about ADHD?
G: That you can’t control it and it’s too hard to control it.

As you can see, he wishes he could control himself but he can’t. And that is heartbreaking to me. Impulse control has been his biggest hurdle and we are still trying to jump over it. Even with therapy, medication and objects to help him focus there is still so much work we have to do every day. We have to be very conscious in our daily lives to make sure we make him aware when he is pulling his hair, or talking out of turn or hitting his brother because he isn’t yet able to recognize this stuff. It is my job to be an advocate for him, and I will do so every single moment of every day until his life is as easy as it should be. We love amazon prime so much and order regularly from it. We have found through his school and our own trial and error a few things that make life a little easier for him.

Below I am going to share some of the things that we use at home and that he uses at school. Hopefully, these will work for you too!

G: I love that this cube has a lot of little clicky things to make my hands busy.

G: I like that you can make different shapes and stuff with this one. And it feels cool.

G: I like to turn in this seat and it helps me stay in my chair.

G: This is super squishy. (Teacher uses this as a “safe place” for G to when he needs a break.

Let me know what you think, and make sure to share with your friends! Also, if you have toys or other things that work for you, share them!

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