My Realistic Views On Quotes


Nope. Not true. If the door doesn’t open, it’s probably locked.


Aren’t plants also buried? Like in the ground? Also, if you’re in a dark place please don’t be thinking about being buried. That’s what causes phobias.


Not me. I eat ice cream like everyone else in the world. Lies won’t fill you up, ice cream is the way!


Warning: If you do this, you will run into something and I will laugh. Seriously though, watch where you’re going. And don’t fly either. That’s just weird.


They can if they are also diamonds. *Bazinga*


‘Your Name’ is two words.


No. No. No. You can’t see stars shining without darkness. They still shine, whether you see them or not.


Last but not least: I am now calling my muffin top a cupcake. Because you know, I believe in miracles and stuff.


The End. Hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to send it to your friends so they can laugh too!

Author: lifeofabipolarmom

I am a 26 year old wife, and mother of two wonderful little boys. (5 & 2) I get the awesome opportunity to stay home which means I have a whole lot of time to learn new things. I would love to share them with you! Check me out on facebook, instagram, twitter, or pinterest! And make sure to follow/subscribe!!

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