Keep shoving it down

Don’t let it feel

Don’t let it come out 

Don’t make it real 

Turn back the clocks

Inside your head

Before you were broken 

Before it was said 

Get out of my head 

Get out of my heart

I can’t let this finish

I can’t hit restart

Let me go, let me be

Let me just run away

Relinquish your feelings

There’s no more to say

Let me fall in this hole

No lights, it’s all black

Don’t you dare try to fix it

You can’t take it back 

These thoughts overwhelm me

Taking over my mind

I’m worried for nothing

Relief I can’t find

There’s no one to save me

There’s no one who hears

The things I say to myself

That create all the fears

I can’t make them stop

No matter how hard I try

I can only keep it inside

On the outside, I’m a lie

Calm down calm down it’s nothing

I tell myself again

But the thoughts they keep on pushing

Telling me that it’s the end

Relaxing is a concept

I try to use it, but it’s gone 

I haven’t been alone now 

They’ve been with me since the dawn 

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