The silence is loud

It hurts my ears

I tell myself this

To justify the tears

Denial, depression

Well, I’ve got it all

Quietly, silently

Slowly I fall

Disbelief in my mind

Numbing in my heart

A deep, dark, black hole

Slowly tearing me apart

The winds whip around me

I try to hold on

To experience the loss

To believe that you’re gone

To feel all the feelings

But none of the pain

To grieve and get through it

While still staying sane

On the outside I’m steady

As strong as a rock

On the inside I’m numb

On my heart is a lock

I have so many feelings

Too many to sort out

I miss you, I hate you

Is this what life’s about?

I catch myself off guard

At night, all alone

The pain sneaks up on me

Reminds me what is known

Its right in my face,

I can see it but can’t touch

I’m scared it will burn me

It will all be too much

I hope that you’re happy

Wherever you went

Trying to hold myself together

Remember the time we spent

Your memories are all we have

We will keep them, hold them tight

I just wish that I could speak with you

Moving on doesn’t seem right

I know that moving forward

Is the only way to go

I hope that I can feel you here

Whenever I feel low

For now, I’ll take it day by day

Second by second if I may

I love you and I miss you bro

If only heaven wasn’t so far away ❤️

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